Craft is the result of the work of human hands inspired by the creative spirit. Objects require learning a skill, an authenticity and a passion for the work! Each craftsman leaves its mark by giving life to objects and a bit of his soul. The truth and respect for authenticity this is the best way to better live our humanity.
Luc Kieffer

The alchimist craftman

"I had the chance to meet Delphine Garnier at a meeting of highly skilled master craftsmen, such as silk, silverware, jeweller, ready to wear and decoration.

Soon, the association Four Colors blew a creative movement of sympathy around different exhibitions. It's so nice to work with such a passionate and dynamic director Delphine Garnier.

Her fight to defend the French craftsmanship but also the creation, art and design is a passion that I have also always defended.

I am very happy to share this commitment with the association Four Colors which is predominant and now essential in the world of artists. "

Emeric Thibierge

Paper creator

"By imagining what notebook Steve Jobs or Karl Lagerfeld would love, I created the Thibierge notebook. Contemporary,
intuitive, design and dare I say, intelligent. A notebook of its time".



"I met Delphine Garnier for my pleasure. She
is put in 4 (- colors) to help us in the accomplishment
of our business. She helps us to bring our projects together by crossing personalities and know-how for successful encounters.
Great art! Very quickly the association helped us to multiply the meetings - with the calligrapher Stéphane Trillaud, or the alchemist of the jewel Luc Kieffer. Discover other talents that only ask to cross each other to generate other creations.
What a beautiful association!"

Fabien Barbera

The poet of the candle


"I met Delphine Garnier and have known the Quatre Couleurs association during the Bridal Fair last year. The idea of Delphine was to bring back into this immaculate universe our fragrances.

It is this desire to make different universes coexist, complementary know-how, which instantly seduced me. Talking with Delphine is a real pleasure. It is talking to someone with a very developed artistic sensibility, who understands our approaches, and above all, who loves and promotes the beautiful.

Moving forward with the Four Colors Association is also to meet other talents, as in my case Luc Kieffer or Elisabeth Schmitt from Maison Vaincourt. French know-how federates, and that's all the better! "