De Poudre, de Cendre et d’Or party

On the occasion of the release of Gwendoline Finaz de Villaine's book, the 4-color association brought together a painter, a Designer, a bookbinder, a master of paper, a cardboard maker, a Vegan caterer, a producer around the artist. independent champagne, a ladies' tailor, a Turban designer, etc ...


They all helped bring the novel to life! As you read the book you will discover that the two key elements of the story are a painting of Maharajah and a necklace ... Thanks to all the artists and craftsmen and particularly Charlotte Barrault, painter, Luc Kieffer, jewelry designer and Geraldine Venant Mouroux bookbinder, the characters came out of the book's imagination to become real! “We are all Kintsugis after all, cracked and damaged pots by life; except that in the East, we repair the broken pots with gold ...


" Eva Greville, twenty-seven, responsible for archives and heritage at Cartier, comes across a mysterious painting of Maharajah, which magically propels her into the past, in the heart of colonial India. Dazed and shocked, the young woman found herself in Bombay in 1912, accused of stealing the Eye of the Idol, a colossal diamond necklace intended for the ruler of Jaipur. From the palaces of Rajasthan to the caves of Ajanta, from the mystical India to the tiger hunt of Ranthambore, Eva seeks exoneration and leads the investigation, while succumbing to the spell of a diehard Englishman, Hartford Wesley.


Torn between the past and the present, the young woman will have to survive and face the upheavals of the revolt of the Indian people, subject to the tutelage of the British Raj. Will she be able to solve the riddle of the necklace and choose between two identities, two destinies? Cognac diamond, time travel and a lost kingdom of unparalleled magnificence ... Eva Greville dives into the adventure to forget her disastrous existence, find herself and rebuild herself. After the Mists of Grandville, discover the new saga of Gwendoline Finaz de Villaine, a large romantic fresco in the heart of the India of the Maharajahs.

Le secret des Conteuses

The artisans of the 4 colors association accompanied the creation of the play "Le secret des Conteuses" by Martine Amsili with the actresses Anne Jacquemin, Annie Sinigalia, Niseema, Julie Judd and Léa Bétremieux. Fabrics: Charles Burger, Edmond Petit and Rubelli Cannes: Cannes Fayet

Furniture: Henryot

Perfume created for the room by Eleonore de Staël Fragrance

diffuser: Natarom

Wigs: Antoine Wauquier

Jewelry: Luc Kieffer

Make-up: Miss W

Shoes: Taher Mardini

Costume designer: Agnès Dupuis

Decor: Laurence Bernard

Light: Françoise Noyon

Paper: Thibierge

Champagne: Arlaux

Caterer: Betty Nu food

Exhibition: Roaming

Exhibition of works by Bruno Moinard at the Galerie Diane de Polignac with an electro symphonic concert by © Laurent Couson and Charles Schillings and a presentation by Célimène Daudet for the classical music festival in Haiti "Haiti Piano Project"

 Black star lights Jean-Paul Marcheschi at Maison Vaincourt Music

The union of flame and leather, earth and light ... It is from the depths of the universe, where fire emerges, a natural and sacred element of life, surfaces.


If contemporary painters sometimes forget that they have been a “Homo Pictor” for 35,000 years, Jean-Paul Marcheschi awakens this memory inscribed in the entire history of humanity. Connecting the past to the contemporary is the journey that this artist offers us with a particular technique straight out of prehistoric caves: those of the drawing executed with carbon black. Like the phoenix, it is reborn from its ashes facing the race of time, it immortalizes between the paths of light a kind of calligraphic memory ...


In the light of its "brush of fire" it gives birth to stellar works and darkly bright ... A solar tear emerges from the dark, using soot, smoke or even candle wax. Playing on the material, the contrasts of light, his work flies through time and space. Accompanied by the leather worked by the craftsman Thibaut Favre de la Paillerie who shapes it in his Atelier Elisabeth Schmitt at the bend of the rue de la Soudière in Paris, creates an alchemy between the earthly fire of the artist Jean-Paul Marcheschi and birth a second life in leather goods.


The artist's gesture and that of the leatherworker are extracted from the same knowledge, that of the ancestral man. The art of painting depicting the human body is as old as the work done by humans to dress themselves. These two artisans of human gesture are both brought together for the occasion of a joint exhibition at the contemporary luminous cave that is the Maison Vaincourt.

This house located in the heart of the fashion capital is a place of culture and fashion for these leather accessories which strictly respect the heritage of French know-how. Stamped "made in France", handbags and belts play on this tradition. The customer goes to this space to make an accessory according to his desires on already established bases. This is how the work of the craftsman sublimates that of the artist of fire.

The Vaincourt house innovates and transmits to us the passions of this painter and this craftsman who play with the same artistic gesture for the exhibition.


The Vaincourt house offers belts to be worn as haute couture jewelry, in turn acting as a natural second skin for the wearer. This luxury player works on comfort and discretion, which cannot be seen but lived. It's an inner adventure, such is the French definition of luxury leather goods. For our greatest happiness this house plays with the notions of desire and requirement.


Thus the needle, the brush, the scissors, the compass, the wire cutter, the iron and the blade of Thibaut compete with the flame, the soot or the wax at Jean-Paul Marcheschi. They both work on a raw material to sublimate it. The union of flame and leather, earth and light magnifies Maison Vaincourt for our greatest pleasure.

Quatre couleurs  Association presents the Robert Kerr house at the Séguier salon

As part of the defense of know-how and craftsmanship, the 4 Couleurs association wished to accompany the creator Thomas Drischel of Maison Robert Kerr as well as the hair sculptor Mathieu Séguier in order to present the collections of accessories for men inspired by archives of Thomas' grandfather who was a master tailor in London. An evening surrounded by artisans and artists!

Quatre couleurs association presents 

Portraits of Shoes

After a 100% digital brand launch in early 2017, Maison Chamberlan is now opening its first Parisian Creative Space. This space, dedicated to the creation of Chamberlan shoes, is also intended to be a living space, open to Made in France artisans and artists who will regularly come to animate the space to present their creations in the form of a Pop Up Store and ephemeral exhibitions.


It was only natural that Chamberlan called on the Association 4 Couleurs, an association of which it has been a part since its creation, to organize its first Vernissage on the occasion of its inauguration. 7 talented painters thus lent themselves to the game to offer us their vision of the Chamberlan House and to exhibit around twenty paintings representing the House's shoes.


“In order to transcend the heart of the craft trade of the bespoke shoemaker, the Quatre Couleurs association wanted to surround the Chamberlan house with painters, all women, in order to produce not portraits of faces but portraits of shoes! The painters had all participated in the exhibition "14 looks in freedom" in 2016 on the occasion of the day of the woman after the attacks of 2015. These painters are mostly from the School of Printmaking, a worthy heir to the French Impressionist school. The transversality between art and craftsmanship is the essential link to enhance the work of craftsmen.

Teaser Masks Grillon


“Assimilating and integrating the origin of the different structures of consciousness was only a logical consequence of this research on the identity of a physical and universal language.” Wolfram Mehring Built as a path, the spectator lives a playful experience with masks. The idea is to experience a sensation of surprises with the masks, an experience of confrontation, of astonishment, of emotions which allows the viewer / visitor to wonder, to discover and to learn. A labyrinth course allows the discovery of the different masks: everything is black and when the viewer approaches, the mask reveals itself and lights up, creating the effect of surprise. At the start of the tour is a video installation that runs in a loop (mixing dancing masks, biography of Grillon, and archive images of actors from the Mandrake troupe wearing masks.). The first exhibition will be a pilot of the mask box that we would like to create (partnership with the Loo & Lou gallery) The container would be a container inside which the exhibition would be located.


This giant "box" of masks could be transported from one end of the planet to the other: a black box in which the exhibition would travel on the backs of boats, trailers or trucks. Artistic direction: Alexandre Mehring Exhibition curator: Delphine Garnier Original Music: Nicolas Bikielo The idea of ​​this exhibition is that it becomes itinerant in order to highlight the work of Grillon masks but also to sensitize visitors to a psycho reflection sociological of our society.


The change towards a masked virtual world, a globalized land where cultural identity evolves behind masks imposed by a real and virtual system, a bit like a game of actors, like a game of masks!


In a time of globalization when we are wondering about cultural identity, the mask game brings real reflection on the search for the identity of man beyond different cultures and structures of consciousness. The "mask box" exhibition could also be exhibited in various symbolic places of contemporary art and theater.



The 4 Couleurs association wishes to support this exhibition in its cultural action since it defends values ​​which are dear to it: those of the transversality of the arts (theater masks which are also sculptures, paintings), cultural identity , relationship to the body, theatricality, uniqueness. Alexandre Mehring, Grillon’s son, would like to donate his masks to a museum once the “mask box” experience is over. Delphine Garnier President of the Association 4 Couleurs and curator of the exhibition

 First edition of the Black & White Parade

Black and White CHRISTMAS PARADE 2019 Few of the collectives can boast of enriching French creation to this point. Delphine Garnier heads the Quatre Couleurs association, whose mission is to defend creation made in France, while instilling daring cross-functional lines between the artistic professions.


From November 30 to December 1, 2019, this prodigal and tireless young woman brings together her artists at the Basfroi workshop, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, around an event entitled the "Black And White Parade". Behind the Bastille, this two-color and graphic exhibition is held in an exceptional setting, a giant boat-like workshop designed by Mallet-Stevens. Resin, haute-couture, leather goods, drawing, photography, the event resonates like an ultra-joyful ode dedicated to painting, fashion and French craftsmanship, and reveals real talents, in tune with their zeitgeist.


Helped by the artist-painter Gwendoline Finaz de Villaine, Delphine Garnier offers a playful arty journey, in this old sawmill resembling a New York loft, where we find the ultra-talented portrait painter Jérémy Kapone, the master of paper Thibierge , the jeweler Luc Kieffer, the tailor of Maison Robert Kerr, the Chamberlan shoes, the Gantier Agnelle, the Maison Vaincourt, the photographer Marlene Delcambre, the perfumes of Éléonore de Staël, the sculptor Marine Coutelas, the designer of bags Gratianne Bascans , photographer Anna Marchlewska,, sculptor Delphine Brabant, furniture by Gwenaëlle Chassin de Kergommeaux, cabinetmaker Jérôme Cordié, Youm Paris jewelry, Arlaux champagne, Maison de Galluchat, designer Fabrice Ausset ...

A Christmas market unlike any other, where trees are works of art designed by artists, and where you can treat yourself to shagreen, a magic painting, Japanese papers, a tailor-made perfume ... . The object must have r a soul and born from the meeting of concept, matter and the hand of man.

When you have the know-how, making it known can take time. But the true artist is the one who possesses this ingenious art of painting the word and speaking to the eyes. By the lines and figures drawn, it gives color and body to our thoughts. Handyman, jack-of-all-trades women are at the helm, in this unique place, and reiterate their passion for the period of the 1920s, which saw the birth of fruitful friendships uniting Chanel, Cocteau, Picasso, Satie and Diaghilev. It just goes to show that black and white has never been so chic and inspiring, and it remains resolutely a game of checkers.

Exhibition "The Virtues" by Marie-Elise Larène at Chamberlan

"In the light of a new paradigm, Marie-Elise Larène celebrates these Virtues so dear to the heart of man around an exhibition as a tribute to the five senses Taste, smell, hearing, touch , the view, in the order of your preferences.


"At a time when everyone is always looking for more truth and light, Marie-Elise's works are sublimated by two exceptional sensorial creators: the nose Eleonore de Staël and the Rouge Français. Exhibition curator: Delphine Garnier After a 100% digital brand launch in early 2017, the Maison Chamberlan creation space is dedicated to the creation of made-to-measure shoes and is also a living space, open to Made in France artisans and artists who will come regularly. animate the space to present their creations in the form of Pop Up Store and ephemeral exhibitions.


It was only natural that Chamberlan called on the Association des 4 Couleurs, an association of which it has been a part since its creation, to organize the exhibition "Les Vertus" around the works of Marie-Elise Larène. This event brings together Made in France craftsmen with incomparable know-how. Eleonore de Staël Éléonore de Staël is a perfumer-creator, her perfumes combine well-being and aesthetics.


This nose made with 100% natural products in Paris using ethical manufacturing methods reconciling respect for the environment and the principles of La Belle Parfumerie. A play of gold and lights, like a contrasting perfume, this welcoming place opens its doors to committed designers. Le Rouge Français The house LE ROUGE FRANCAIS sublimates women with lipsticks with plant pigments, recognized for their incredible biological properties. Their products are vegan, certified organic and made in France. "There is no way to the light, the Path Is the Light ..."

Opening of the exhibition - En liberté - 14 looks of women

Exhibition "In freedom", Etienne de Causans gallery, Paris 14 women artists Fourteen painters, sculptors and visual artists deliver their views on female freedom. These artists, some of whom have been from mother to daughter for three generations, evoke the free woman as well as the alienated or submissive woman. They highlight here the fragility and the impermanence of this freedom

Opening of the Choreography painting exhibition

Exhibition on the theme of La Danse with the painter Sophie Simonet, the photographer Tom Klefstad, and the painter Lavrenty Bruni Under the aegis of the association 4 couleurs and its director Delphine Garnier.

Electro Symphonic Project

Laurent Couson, Electro Symphonic Project, Live Recorded at Bordeaux Opera House (France), 18 and 19/10/2018 Music composed by Laurent Couson Electronic beats by Charles Schillings, Joka Face, Busta Funk Electro Symphonic Project live Conductor: Laurent Couson Bordeaux Aquitaine National Orchestra Beatmaker and pads: Tom Fire Bass and Synth bass: Benoit Lugué Special Guest: Charles Schillings Videos created by PMG Productions Lights: Vincent Dagneau Production: SAM Production and Opera de Bordeaux Laurent Couson and Charles Schillings outfits by Karl Lagerfeld © 2018. SAM Production