Commandez le livre d'art: " Carnet de visage"

Order Jeremy Kapone's art book "Carnet de Visage" printed in 300 copies all signed by the artist. This first volume of "Carnet De Visage" gathers 146 portraits drawn from 2011 to 2019 during his travels. 

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CarnetDeVisage-final10 (glissé(e)s) 4 (
CarnetDeVisage-final10 (glissé(e)s) 4 (
CarnetDeVisage-final10 (glissé(e)s) 4 (

"Carnet de Visage" portraits were created with the bare minimum : a notebook and a feather with black ink. Each piece was handcrafted with Indian ink to capture the true essence and identity of each encounter.



JK in Agadez,Niger,November 2019

"I have found that creating with constraint pushes me to touch the essence of a person, experimenting with no intention allowed me to express the diversity of energies that I met. To forget myself and to disappear, to be no more but a satellite that receives vibrations and transcribes them - Similar to the needles of a seismographic machine, I deliver what is not mine to keep."

CarnetDeVisage-final10 (glissé(e)s).jpg

JK in Mindo Ecuador,february 2012 on the set of "Measuring the World "